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On the field

No, it is not allowed to play in football boots on the pitches. Put on normal footwear or running shoes. Certain courses allow you to wear artificial turf boots, but contact the course you are going to play on to find out if it is allowed.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own ball, as long as it is a standard football. However, it is most common to borrow free balls on the spot. In most places, they have both size 4 and size 5 balls, which are suitable for men, women and children.

It is very different because there are many different types of courses. Some courses have 9 holes, others have 18 holes. Usually for 4 people it will take about 1½ hour – 2 hours.

Congratulations, we get a message from the track owners about new records and then update the page.

You can play in all kinds of clothes and you do not have to come as a football player. We recommend loose clothing that you can easily move in. If the sun is shining, it is of course obvious with shorts and a t-shirt. Remember sunscreen.

Soccer golf rules

Football golf is a combination of football and golf and can be played by everyone, big and small, men and women – it is a super fun family activity. You do not have to be in good shape to participate, because just like in golf, you walk around the courses at a slow pace.

You do not have to like football or golf to love football golf. You play by kicking the ball into a hole, and it is important to do so with as few kicks as possible. The course is reminiscent of a golf course with water holes, sand bunkers and other obstacles. The course can be either 9 or 18 holes. You can either play against your friends, or you can form teams 2 against 2 where you take turns kicking.

You can of course choose the boring solution and choose both winners, but we recommend that you select a hole on the course and the one who comes closest in one kick is the winner. It may also be that the course you are playing on already has rules for it.

The ball that was hit is repositioned in the same place. The ball that was in play stays where it stops.

Should children kick closer to the hole? Should children kick closer to the hole?

No, you can not book time on this page. You must contact the football golf course you wish to play on.

Birdie: If you use a kick smaller than the pair, it is called a birdie.

Bogey: If you use a kick more than the pair, it is called bogey.

Bunkers: Sand obstacles are called bunkers.

Double bogey: If you use two kicks more than the pair, it is called double bogey.

Drop: the ball declared “not playable” can be lifted and dropped within one meter. Of course, the ball can not be closer to the hole. The drop should be made with upward-facing palms, outstretched hands and from shoulder height. You naturally get an extra penalty kick.

Fairway: the best path from the tee to the green.

Obstacles: objects that make the game more complicated, such as bunkers, forests, ponds, etc.

Green: the green is the part of the section covered with carpet-like grass.

Hole-in-one: this means that the player gets the ball in the hole from the tee court with just one kick.

Cursor: Cursor is used when the ball is lifted to indicate where the ball has been and where it has been put back

Match-play: this means that only the number of rounds won matters, not the total number of kicks.

Pair: Pair is the number of kicks calculated to use per. hole

Water hazard: it is considered to be the worst obstacle because the bullets can only be “fished out” and it involves a penalty kick.

Eagle: If you use two kicks smaller than the pair, it is called an eagle.

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